Environmental fulfillment

Monitoring and implementation

of environmental commitments

Rescue and Relocation

Mitigation measure associated to the Mixed Sectorial Permit, it seeks to rescue wildlife specimens from a specific location and guard their populations in a different and undisturbed, sink site (receptor).

Controlled Disturbance

Mitigation measure associated to induce wildlife species to leave an area by their own means, in order to safeguard the integrity of individuals and their populations.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental commitment that seeks to identify variations in animal populations in time or through contingencies to take corrective measures and continuous processes improvement.

Sectorial Environmental Permits

PASM 146 Wildlife

Elaboration and processing of environmental permits of wildlife to rescue and relocation of species.

Environmental restoration and enrichment

Environmental improvement

“Measure that seeks improvement of disturbed environments by incorporating vegetation or external elements (shelter, food, among others) to enhance habitats for animals species.