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About our work

We are an alternative to engender changes and solutions in Chile about biodiversity conservation and valorization of natural resources, facing environmental problems. We provide business advice, environmental education and research, with high commitment and quality.

About us

And what we represent
We are professional with experience in diverse environmental areas: environmental management system – animal behavior and welfare – wildlife – native flora and vegetation – fungi and lichens – landscape and territory – environmental education. Our activities are carried out with qualified technology to study natural resources, allowing a complete and rigorous gathering of information without damaging biodiversity.



Juan Cubillos Allendes

Wood Engineer

Flora, Vegetation and Fungi specialist.

Patricio Medina López

Forest Engineer

Flora and Vegetation Specialist. Botanist-taxonomist.

Juan Rojas Cantero

Degree in Environmental Sciences

Flora, Vegetation and Landscape Specialist.

Tomás Valle Codina


Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist

CicloFauna focuses its services on advising and conserving biodiversity

Integrated security, health in work and environmental policy.

Values in safety, health and environment.
We have an Integrated Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management Policy, which establishes guidelines and commitments that we must comply with in the design and development of our advisory and consulting activities, in order to continuously improve our performance in these matters. In this way, we seek to ensure a quality service according to the requirements of our clients.


Santa Rosa 608 interior, Puerto Varas.