Towards an ecological culture that protects fauna

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Towards an ecological culture that protects fauna


Many times we hear about the responsibility of private companies or large investment projects and the impacts that they generate on wildlife. But what about our own responsibility and that of each family or home in our country?

There is no doubt that most people, regardless of their age, feel empathy, tenderness and admiration for species of wild animals, but do we do more than “feel” for them? We admire them, but we do not protect them. We talk about its importance, but we do not recycle. We admire their photos, but we pollute their habitats day by day. This type of ambivalent behavior is part of our nature, humans have this type of dichotomous behavior where we feel something but do something else to the contrary.

The important thing is to identify what are the impacts that we generate towards wildlife, reduce them and, if possible, eliminate them. Every time we use plastic light bulbs, plastic cutlery, do not recycle or do not try to reduce our household garbage, we generate an impact on wild animals. Thousands of animals in the world die every day because of our carelessness or lack of concern. It is true that the impacts generated by negligent companies or large investment projects are greater than those generated by a family. But if we add up each impact generated by each person and in each part of the world, it makes us a great source of extinction, a force of destruction, even if we have good intentions associated with feelings.

In Chile there are around 800 species of terrestrial vertebrates (amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals), they live with us although they are not frequent to see, they offer us ecosystem services, economic, social and cultural benefits.

I invite you to become aware and not only feel tenderness, let us be responsible and transmit a better ecological culture that benefits and protects our fauna.

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